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THE IDAHO WATERCOLOR SOCIETY is more than just an organization. It is a group of people who share friendship, encourage personal growth, give support to one another and organize wonderful events. Anyone can join, you do not have to be an artist .
The Society sponsors a range of activities statewide: exhibitions, workshops, paint together, social get togethers, holiday parties and educational programs where beginning artists can learn and grow. There is also the opportunity to just volunteer and be involved with a variety of activities.
Yearly events include:

Yearly Renewal Forms:

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2018 Fall instructor to be announced

The quarterly newsletter provides information about all the events and includes news of state and regional activities.

In addition to watercolor, other water based media such as acrylic and gouache are widely used. Often artists combine several of these mediums to produce unusual and beautiful pieces of art.

For artists painting in the medium of watercolor, making a statement using the dramatic effects of light can make a subject glow. This can be achieved with dynamic color and bold light patterns. The true beauty of the watercolor medium is in the way the paint explodes with color, transparency and texture when suspended in the natural vehicle of water. Just like magic a painting of some subject can be created.

Artists usually paint what they know and love. Ordinary subject matter can become important and special if the artist uses nontraditional colors or a different vantage point. As an artist grows, they learn that it is not necessarily what they paint but how they paint it. Painting is more than just making pleasant pictures. It is conveying a mood or feeling about a subject.
Explore your artistic side. Create a picture of a subject you love.
Express your feelings with paint & water. Be a part of The Idaho Watercolor Society.

Annual Show Award Winners 2017

Juror's Choice - 2017 

Laurel Lake McGuire, Boise, ID

 " Portrait in Color"





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Southwest Region Idaho Watercolor Society Activities

Paint Togethers:  We currently have one paint together which meets on Thursdays at one o'clock. We meet at Hope Lutheran Church located at 331 N. Linder Road. This is on the corner of State Street and Linder, West of Eagle. This is a friendly group of artists who encourage each other in our painting.

  IWS encourages other groups to find like minded artists in their areas to paint with.

Critiques: Our critiques are held on the first Mondays of every month at the same location as the paint togethers. We meet from 1:00 to 3:00. Shirley Williams has been arranging for some of our artists to assist in these meetings. The people who attend usually bring one or two of their latest efforts and we offer suggestions, if asked, on ways to proceed.

Educational Meetings: Meetings take place in the evenings, usually on Tuesdays or Thursdays. The meetings generally take place monthly during the school year. We are flexible in our scheduling to accommodate the presenter and Jane Wilson as most of the meetings take place in her Art classroom at Bishop Kelly High School, located at 7009 W. Franklin Rd.

Newsletter: Waterworks -IWS

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We encourage any and all who are interested in, working with or otherwise associated with water media at all levels to join our society.

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Idaho Watercolor Society is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. Boise Idaho PO Box 9093 

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